Filter system - PLS8MF

In addition to its considerable diversity on products FILU-Filter offers services especially in the field of project planning and assembling of filter systems for efficient cleaning of liquids with different viscosity regarding the prescribed operating parameters.

The whole construction consists of a standardized multistage system with a series- or parallel connection and an increasing cleaning-level.

This filter system can be perfectly employed in chemical areas as well as in oil- and food industries. So generally, it is appropriate to any field of production which utilizes filtration of liquids.

The finesse of filtration varies between 30 and 1000 µm which depends on the field of employment. Development of these systems follows a technical questionnaire.

By offering you our Filter Systems, we offer as well:

  • High productivity
  • Profitability / Cost effectiveness
  • Security
  • Service guarantee on all our systems.

Variante 4

Photo Variante 4
Die Filtrationsanlage besteht aus einer Pumpe, drei Automatikfiltern, einem Polizeifilter und einem Steuerschrank. Montage erfolgt je nach Wunsch auf einem Aluminium- oder Stahlgerüst.