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CAUTION: As we are rarely working at the office at the moment we ask you to contact us on

  • e-mail: info@filu-filter.de or filuing@mail.ru
  • fax: +4930 / 895 65 310
  • or mobilephone: +49175 / 335 50 75

We are manufacturers as well as distributors of filter elements for the following areas of application:

  • Lubricating oil filter
  • Hydraulic filter
  • Pressure filter
  • Fuel filter
  • Oil filter
  • Air filter applications
  • Water media applications
  • Oil separation - cartridges
  • Sieve cylinder for different media

Our filters are used in industrial arrangements, in the tool mechanical and land mechanical engineering, construction of vehicles and ship construction, as well as environmental arrangements and engines of all kind.

In the production quality has the top priority. We reach the best filter qualities in the area of 1µm to 90µm by the application from inorganic fiberglass, fleece, high-grade steel and wire fabric.

We also deliver all filters of the ORSTAhydraulik, as well as for the engines which were produced in the former GDR and the USSR, as for example SKL. In addition, we expel filter from the former CSSR, as for example Technometra, Tatra, Zetor, tool machines and hydraulic components from the Czech republic and as a specific feature:

Alternative elements for many manufacturers, also small series.

In addition, we co-operate with many famous manufacturers who are active not only in the area of Hydraulics, but also in the procedure technology, so that we can offer customised solutions.

Historically partly we are able about a row of partners to deliver products in the CIS and reverse.